27.5.2020 NX Model Based Enterprise

Presenter details:

Joakim Simons, Senior Solution Architect, 3D solutions 


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This webinar will focus on the NX advancements in model based definition (MBD), and the consumption of MBD data throughout the model based enterprise (MBE). 

We’ll discuss the market trends, look at some of the challenges companies are facing today, as well as how NX is helping customers achieve their MBD/MBE goals.  


Register here:

 Webinar: Model Based Enterprise


Webinar time: 27.5.2020 at 14:00-15:00 (EET)

Webinar duration: 45min-60min


Would you like to ask anything about the webinar or the content? Get in touch with us!

Taina Baxter, Marketing, IDEAL GRP



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