9.4.2020 IDEAL Commercial Product Management

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Kari Kinnunen, Product Manager, IDEAL GRP. Kari Kinnunen has wealth of experience in Product Management, having had the opportunity to work with products ranging from Product Information management to Mobile Broadband service.


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IDEAL Commercial Product Management

This webinar will cover the main challenges organizations are facing with Product Information and Product Portfolio Management and introduce how IDEAL Commercial Product Management solution can help solve them.

Commercial and technical product information is often spread across multiple systems in different business units, and therefore finding, managing and understanding the information can be challenging.


IDEAL GRP's Product Manager, Kari Kinnunen, gives insight into how this can be managed better with IDEAL Commercial Product Management. Product - a technical and commercial matter IDEAL GRP's Commercial Product Management solution extends Teamcenter® software capabilities from the traditional engineering domain towards commercial product management by providing unique insight for an entire organization into how the technical products evolve into commercial products.

More information: Commercial Product Mangement


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Taina Baxter, Marketing, IDEAL GRP



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