Teamcenter Installation

Kurssi Teamcenter Installation
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Teamcenter Installtion course defines the two-tier and the four-tier architectures and demonstrates how to install the components of these architectures.

Objective of the course:

The course objective is familiarize the company's administrator to Teamcenter environment, installation and maintenance.

Primary topics:

    • Overview of two-tier and four-tier architectures
    • Teamcenter database creation (Oracle, MSSQL Server, DB2)
    • Common Licensing Server
    • Corporate server installation
    • File Management System (FMS) overview
    • Two-tier rich client installation
    • Teamcenter J2EE Web tier and server manager
    • Teamcenter .NET Web tier and server manager
    • Installation of the four-tier rich client using the Over-the-Web Install and TEM
    • Installation of the Business Modeler IDE
    • Administering the in-production system
    • FCS performance cache server
    • Teamcenter integrations for Microsoft Office
    • Embedded visualization for the two-tier and four-tier rich clients
    • NX Manager for the two-tier and four-tier rich clients
    • Installing and accessing Teamcenter online help
    • Multi-Site collaboration


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