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'Seco Tools streamlines engineer-to-order process

Seco Tools is one of the world´s largest providers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, drilling, and tooling systems. Headquartered in Fagersta, Sweden, Seco is present in more than 70 countries and supported by a team of around 5000 staff.

Seco Tools’ business mission is to develop, manufacture, and globally market products for metalworking applications that meet their customers' requirements for quality, service, and cost.

In 2015, Seco Tools decided to extend their customer portal to include customized products and selected Rulestream ETO by Siemens PLM Software, with the support of IDEAL PLM, to be implemented. Rulestream ETO (Engineer-to-order) plays a key role in the process by connecting PDM, CAD, Language Translation, and Quote Management Systems into a consolidated solution.

The new solution helps Seco Tools offer improved customer satisfaction and an enhanced order process experience. This new customer experience allows Seco to meet and exceed their customer expectations.

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