PBH Teknik - CNC machining for the high technology industry

PBH Teknik in Karlskoga works with CNC machining and assembly of mainly advanced components in various materials for high-tech industry. Siemens NX software is used for efficient modeling and CAM programming.

The machine shop has 3-, 4- and 5-axis multi-operation machines. PBH Teknik offers cost-effective complete solutions in CNC machining and assembly of individual components for the high-tech industry in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Thanks to the company's modern machinery, they can offer high-quality machining in stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic, brass and invar.

Efficient modeling, CAM programming and machine simulation.

PBH Tekink uses both CAD and CAM from Siemens NX.
NX CAD is used for both modeling of fixtures and for adapting the customer part geometries to the machining requirements.
But above all, NX CAM is used to prepare and program all their CNC machine tools and is used throughout their engineering process.

- PBH Teknik should be recognized for efficient and rational production where the latest technology is used. In our evaluation, we came to the conclusion that NX met all the requirements we had, says Björn Waara, CEO of PBH Teknik.

The latest technology is paving the way for success

A fully integrated product with CAD/CAM and machine simulation where the latest technology is available and with a large owner in Siemens, ensures a secure future for PBH Teknik.
And last but not least, the high-end CAD/CAM competence and Machine Kits (postprocessors and machine simulation engines) that IDEAL GRP offers gives PBH Teknik all the tools to be more competitive in the future.

-There are many CAM operations that have been developed and improved in recent years with a lot of built-in smartness that has made it possible for us to streamline and even in some cases made it possible for us to make products that were not possible in our machine shop before, says Björn Waara CEO.