Mekverken Tool saves time and money

Mekverken Tool in Laxå designs and produces molds and production equipment as well as subcontracts precise mechanical components. Siemens NX software is used for both CAD and CAM. Based on the customer's wishes, Mekverken Tool also designed and manufactured complete modules and production cells with varying degrees of automation, from semi-automatic solutions to fully automated robot cells.

Meeting market requirements
Mekverken Tool specializes in solutions that make production easy, fast and with high precision.  Mekverken Tool used different solutions until then but changed CAD/CAM systems to meet the market's increased demands.  After evaluating several different systems, Mekverken Tool decided Siemens NX was what suited them best. 

- We are very pleased that we made this decision many years ago and we have experienced that our competitiveness, flexibility and quality increased significantly. We are a company that is constantly evolving to meet the market's increasing demands; that is a cornerstone of our company’s success, says the company's CEO Mikael von Elern.

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Benefit from integrated solutions
Mekverken Tool sees a great advantage with a fully integrated system with both CAD / CAM. 

- By having an integrated CAD / CAM solution, we save both time and money, says Jesper Kumlin, designer and constructor at Mekverken Tool.

- Another great advantage that we see with Siemens NX is the width and depth that allows us to handle everything, from the simple details to the most advanced aspects in one and the same system, says Robin Bronegård, team leader for contract manufacturing at Mekverken Tool.

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