University of Oulu

Product management in the center of the co-operation

The co-operation is centered around product management, and the University of Oulu Technical Faculty staff will be using Siemens PLM Software solutions to teach the subject, in addition to other more traditional subject and research areas.

"The agreement between University of Oulu Technical Faculty and IDEAL PLM renews our learning environment to a new level" says Arto Tolonen, who is the Head of Education, Mechanical Engineering study program in Faculty of Technology, and conducts research himself and personally teaches product data management and product portfolio management in the Industrial Engineering and Management research group at Faculty of Technology.

Co-operation is a part of the strategy for both

"At the Faculty of Technology, research and study areas cover a wide range of industrial subjects all the way from technology development to innovation management, product development, and product commercialization, from business models to detailed machine design, modeling and simulating production and maintenance processes and to project management and work ergonomics. Creating and implementing the new learning environment allows collaboration between students in different study programs in terms of assignments and project work very much in the same way as in development projects later on in the working life. At the very best companies’ integrated business processes utilize the same, reliable product information, which in essence is the core. The new learning environment will increase our students’ opportunities for joint development projects with industry and strengthen the already excellent employability for our students through assignments and dissertations to get their first job. The excellent rate of employability is perhaps the most important goal for the education we offer and tells us if we succeed" continues Arto Tolonen.